Some Wonderful Attractions To Explore In The Great City Of Baltimore MD

Baltimore is a city that keeps going and going when it comes to offering up unique places of interest to visit. I mean you’re never going to get done because there’s just so much to see. I’ve covered quite a few niche attractions, and then there are the neighborhoods and the big historical district with the cobblestone streets. Let’s get right back to it with four more top attractions for you to consider visiting.

Bromo Seltzer Tower is a unique landmark, and its address is 312 West Lombard Street. The tower features a ton of artwork, 15 floors of it to be exact, and the clock on the tower is said to be amazing. It’s yet another place to learn more about the history of Baltimore. It was built in 1911, and it was modeled after a tower that is in Florence, Italy.

In case you didn’t catch its mention in another article I wrote, you want to check out Little Italy. That’s also where you’re going to enjoy some delicious and authentic Italian cuisine. Now, what do you know about Edgar Allen Poe? The Edgar Allen Poe House and Museum is in Baltimore, and its location is 203 North Amity Street. I would absolutely love to visit this attraction is I were on vacation in Baltimore.

The Edgar Allen Poe House & Museum is a national historic landmark, as you can well imagine. So what else is there to do in Baltimore? Well, you could also stop by the Patterson Park Pagoda, which is said to be very unique and special. You get a beautiful view of Baltimore, and Patterson Park is also a great place to hang out in general.

Do you like Opera? Lyric Opera House is a wonderful place to stop if you do. The address is 140 West Mount Royal Avenue, and there are some great shows there. It’s not just about opera either. There are so many concerts held there, and we’re talking big names, too, like The Temptations. See what tickets you can score for your vacation trip to Baltimore.

A vacation in Baltimore sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? It is literally amazing how many unique attractions there are to enjoy there. There are so many different and fascinating places to visit, and it’s going to make for one nice vacation. See what all you and your family end up doing when you show up in Baltimore, Maryland.